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RIBCCSAssist has over 30 years experience in management of construction companies. We specialise in quantity surveying, estimating, planning, costing and technical aspects of construction management. We have extensive experience in using CCS Candy iTWO and BuildSmart iTWO ERP software with the added experience of setting up the software for companies and projects. The software is the perfect choice for Estimators, Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers, Planners, Commercial Managers and Contracts Managers. From setting up the software, to training and implementation, we facilitate and assist companies and their staff to gain the most value from the software. We work remotely as well as on location for international companies and projects. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What We Do



Using the RIBCCS suite of software, we assist companies to :

  • Set up and maintain a customized resource based estimating system

  • Manage tender processes

  • Prepare financial forecasts

  • Prepare Bills of Quantities for projects

  • Estimate resource requirements for projects

  • Estimate costs using resources as a basis

  • Estimate costs for alternative design proposals

  • Prepare construction programs

  • Prepare and submit delay claims  

  • Forensically analyze delay claims

  • Link bills of quantities to construction programs

  • Resource construction projects based on the estimate and the construction program

  • Update resource requirements based on methods of execution as work progresses

  • Integrate cost reporting  between CCS and BuildSmart

  • Integrate Subcontract payments between CCS and BuildSmart

  • Update construction programs as work progresses

  • Update construction programs to level resource requirements

  • Forecast resource requirements as projects progress

  • Valuate work as projects progress

  • Manage subcontracts

  • Set production targets

  • Report on costs with comparisons to budgets and allowables

  • Report on resource wastage

  • Report on production rates

  • Update the companies estimating system variables based on realistic performance on projects

  • On the job training in conjunction with employees completing their work

  • Integrate RIBCCS and BIM Models

  • Extract the true value of RIBCCS software

Consulting Services

Consulting Services


As specialist construction management consultants, we  :​​​

  • Serve building and civil construction companies

  • Serve manufacturing and engineering companies 

  • Serve mining companies 

  • Serve subcontractors that specialise in :

    • Earthworks

    • Concrete work

    • Formwork

    • Building work

    • Joinery

    • Ceilings and partitions

    • Metalwork and structural steelwork

    • Plumbing

    • Electrical

    • Mechanical work

    • Painting

  • Prepare and scrutinize subcontract agreements​

  • Undertake business analyses of company operations

  • Prepare business plans

  • Develop marketing strategies and tender sourcing strategies

  • Manage business turn around strategies

  • Manage commercial and contractual aspects of projects

  • Advise on merges and acquisitions

  • Prepare insurance claims or assess insurance claims

  • Prepare contractual claims and claim submissions

  • Prepare project risk assessments

  • Prepare expert witness statements in dispute resolution cases

  • Implement production improvement methodologies on projects

  • Formulate cost reduction strategies

  • Implement different construction methodologies

  • Provide technical advice

  • Formulate staff performance appraisals

  • Develop and implement company IT systems

  • Develop company database management systems

  • Develop online mobile datacapturing systems for sites

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